Multimedia Resources


The Center for the Study of the American Constitution offers a variety of resources to those seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of the American Founding Period. To that end, our multimedia materials offer resources in a variety of formats that foster a deeper understanding of the ideas and individuals involved in the creation and formation of the Early Republic.  Below you will find a collection of interviews, videos, and maps illustrating the votes in the state conventions. Check back for occasional updates.

The University of the Air Interviews- A collection of 28 hour long interviews on a variety of topics relating to the Founding Period. These originally aired on Wisconsin Public Radio.

The Founding Period Videos Series- John Kaminski is featured in a series of videos. Topics include George Washington, the American Revolution, and the ratification of the American Constitution.

Mapping the Ratification of the American Constitution- A collection of maps highlighting the final vote in each of the state's ratification convention.