America's Founders Chapbook Series

Parallel Press is pleased to announce a new series of chapbook biographies entitled “America’s Founders” written by University of Wisconsin–Madison historian John P. Kaminski, director of the Center for the Study of the American Constitution. Unlike traditional biographies, these chapbooks will emphasize the character, mannerisms, and physical appearance of the subjects as largely seen through the eyes of their contemporaries. Critical historical events are described in vivid detail in the elegant prose of America’s Revolutionary generation. Illuminating vignettes and “behind-the-curtain” glimpses of both well-known and obscure events will add new dimension to the historic dramas of revolution and nation-making. In a certain way, the Revolutionary generation itself will be writing its own biographies with both praise and admiration on the one hand and vituperation on the other.

Lafayette  Lafayette: The Boy General, 2007


Adams  Abigail Adams: An American Heroine, 2007


Madison James Madison: Champion of Liberty and Justice, 2006


Jefferson Thomas Jefferson: Philosopher and Politician, 2005


Washington George Washington: Man of the Age, 2004