CSAC Outreach


Over the course of CSAC’s history we have been involved in many different types of outreach. Some of our efforts have been directed to working with federal, state, and local judges. Other venues have included seminars and conferences with teachers seeking professional development and a wide range of community groups simply wanting to learn more about the Founding Period. Contact us for additional information regarding your specific needs. 

  • The Document of the Month Collection - Each month we select two or more documents from the Center’s collection of more than 70,000 items that underscore various concepts from the Founding Era. These documents are being archived. There also are accompanying pedagogical suggestions.
  • The Founder of the Month - We have selected a specific Founder and compiled a series of quotations from contemporaries that reveal the Founders’ role in the Revolutionary Era as well as the contours of their character.
  • Sources of the Month - Periodically we will include a variety of sources relating to the Founding Period. Items include advertisements for books, book reviews, essays and other materials.
  • Seminars For Judges, Teachers and Community Groups - Here you will find a list of the many topics that we provide for a wide range of audiences.
  • Lesson Plans - We have provided some suggestions on how to use various parts of our website. Most are based in the documents found within the Ratification, Confederation, and Founders pages on our website.
  • Links to Related Organizations - We have selected some of organizations that share our commitment to historical research, constitutional studies, and educational programming.
  • CSAC Fellows Program - The CSAC Fellows Program is designed to enhance Wisconsin teachers content knowledge and pedagogical skills in the Founding Period.